Band of Lovers

“I’m so happy to be in the same room as this band. Sabina’s voice is as sweet and clear as wildflower honey while Dave’s is gentle and earthy like the soil that comes from decomposed pine needles. Liliana’s vocals add depth and resonance.  You can tell these people actually like each other. Their songs are a real act of intimacy where you are invited to share in some of their travels and adventures, some of their sweet and bittersweet memories. You leave with a taste of all of that- -the memories, the views of the Rockies, the smell of New England wooded coasts, and postcards of painted deserts. You leave with a little bit more love and a taste for more sweetness, more simplicity. I’m so looking forward to this next album as a continuation of the adventure that Band of Lovers has invited us to be a part of. More fresh air and glorious landscapes are in store.” – Kate Bee Live Review