Band of Lovers

“It’s a golden road trip,” Kate Bee wrote of the debut album from Band of Lovers. Her words reflect the band’s lifestyle, as well- born on the road in the fall of 2013 and living and touring full-time in their self-converted 1997 Dodge van, the music they write strongly echoes their way of life.

“Few songs are sweeter than ‘Tennessee’…” said Christian Carvajal of the single off of the band’s full-length independent release ‘the Coast’ (Feb. 2015). The album has sold over two thousand copies and debuted on local and public radio stations around the country, including NPR affiliates HPPR, WPR, KUWR, KXCI, and WRUR.

With a modern take on folk sound and pop structure, their songs draw inspiration from the stories and landscapes of North America. They’re currently touring and preparing for the release of their upcoming sophomore album, recorded in Woodstock, NY and due for release in June 2017.

A Day in the Van
outside Boulder, CO October 2016
Photography by Keating DiRisio